One of Apple’s court filings reveals just how it cams up with the $2.5 billion in damages figure for Samsung’s ‘copying’.

The chart includes details of which Samsung products violate which patent or trade dress claim, and how much that should cost Samsung.

The Galaxy S (i9000) and Galaxy S 4G are the most infringing, said to violate three design patents and three trade dress claims. The Captivate, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Galaxy S II, the Nexus S 4G, also get a mention.

Apple says these devices have resulted in lost Apple profits of about $489 million.

Exhibit 4G - $2.1 million

Galaxy Tab - $2.9 million

Intercept - $4.2 million

Nexus S 4G - $3.4 million

Replenish - $6.5 million

Transform - $1.7 million

Total of $2.75 billion

Via Cult of Mac. 

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