Apple appears to have closed down its purported eBay Refurbished Outlet over the Easter weekend, completely emptying it of products.

In November last year, we reported that an eBay representative claimed Apple had begun selling refurbished iPads, MacBooks and iPods on eBay in the US, through a 'secret' store labelled "Refurbished Outlet."

In March, the prices of the products on the store dropped to up to $100 less than the asking price listed on Apple's official refurbished store.

On Saturday, however, the Refurbished Outlet was emptied of all products, as noted by 9To5Mac, suggesting that the store is now closed for business.


When the store was first attributed to Apple last year, it was believed that the company was testing selling products through the eBay store in a trial that 9To5Mac said "could open the door to much bigger things." But the store's closure hints that the trial may have been unsuccessful.

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