Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has been named the technology world’s most powerful person, in an annual poll of experts for gadget magazine T3. According to the poll Jobs: "embodies Apple, propelling the company forward as the instigator and first true genius of the tech lifestyle age."

The T3 Tech 100 list is put together each year by a panel of leading technology experts, including journalists from the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Financial Times and The Times.

The T3 Tech 100 – top 10
1) Steve Jobs (CEO – Apple; Director – Walt Disney Corp)
2) Steve Ballmer (CEO – Microsoft)
3) Eric Schmidt, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (CEO & Co-founders, Google)
4) Terry Gou (Chairman & President – Foxconn)
5) Paul Otellini (CEO – Intel)
6) Mark Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO – Facebook)
7) Lee Yoon-Woo (CEO – Samsung Electronics)
8) Andy Rubin (Vice President, Engineering – Google)
9) Yong Nam (Vice Chairman & CEO – LG Electronics)
10) Satoru Iwata (President & CEO, Nintendo)

Steve Jobs