Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail John Browett has spoken to employees worldwide, thanking them for their customer service and dedication to their jobs, and also hinting at upcoming products and retail improvements.

At Apple’s quarterly meeting for every Apple Store, Browett told employees via a video stream: “I’m truly amazed and impressed by the fantastic service that I see in every store every day. It’s an incredible achievement, we are by far and away the best service-based retailer in the world and you can see it in the stores. It’s just incredibly impressive.”

“It’s all bout our people and their delivery of that service,” Browett continued. “When I’ll be watching people resolving problems in the family room, or selling people their very first Apple device, it’s all done with such a great sense of service and purpose. It’s just fantastic.”

Browett claims to have visited 75 Apple retail stores across 10 countries so far, and hopes to add stores in Australia and Japan to that list.

When speaking about what employees should expect in 2013, Browett revealed: “Q1 is going to be really fun and exciting; it’s going to be kind of crazy from time to time because we’ve got some brilliant stuff coming through.”

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 and new iPods at a special event on Wednesday, and could also introduce an iPad mini, new iMacs, and a 13in Retina MacBook Pro before the end of this year.

“Just the other thing to say is that you will see a number of improvements which are coming through, which are going to make it better for the customer and easier for you to do your jobs,” Browett concluded.

In August, Apple was criticised for laying off numerous recently hired retail staff. Browett later admitted that the company had “messed up” and was on track to hiring new staff to meet the demands of the growing amounts of customers that visit Apple Stores every day.

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