Apple's Tim Cook is set to appear in his first television interview since he took over as CEO of the company following Steve Jobs' resignation in August 2011.

The interview will be aired on 6 December on the US network NBC's 'Rock Center With Brian Williams', reports The Next Web.

As part of the interview, which has already been filmed, Cook and Williams visited New York's Grand Central Station, where he greeted the Grand Central Apple Store staff and customers.

In a preview clip of "the first interview of its kind [Cook has] ever granted," Williams said: "Unlike the man he replaced, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was able to walk all but unrecognised across the central floor of Grand Central Station."

Photo posted on Twitter by Rock Center on 30 November

"Once we got to his Apple Store that changed of course, as devoted fans approached and treated him like a rock star."

We'll bring you more on Cook's interview when it is aired later this week.

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