Looking for evidence that Apple might be working on a television? Look no further than the fact that not one of the companies that produce a TV tuner device for the iPad or iPhone has yet launched a device that works with the Lightning port, which was introduced by Apple last September.

There is a whole industry built around TV tuners for the Mac, PC and iOS devices, with well-known options from the likes of Elgato, Equinux, Hauppage and Belkin.

Speaking of Belkin, that company recently launched it's own TV tuner device, the Dyle Mobile TV, and you guessed it, it has the old 30-Pin dock connector. Embarrassing.

You'll see plenty of Wi-Fi options that will bring TV to your iPad or iPhone, as well as and other options that feature a 30-pin dock connector, like this device from Elgato, but nothing with a smaller Lightning connection.


The alternative is to opt for a wireless TV tuner, such as the Equinux Tizi. These devices have to be bigger in order to accommodate the extra technology required for the Wi-Fi and battery. Some people prefer a smaller device.


The sad thing is that before the digital switch over the TV signal in the UK was pretty diabolical and many people would have experienced difficulty getting a good signal with these small aerials. Since the switchover happened last year the signal has improved significantly, but these devices are left in the dark ages.

Is Apple purposely refusing to approve devices that feature the Lightning port as a way to claim the television market for itself? That is nothing but rumour and speculation, of course. 

With a summer of sport in the pipeline including the Champions League Final in May, Wimbledon in June, Tour de France in July, The Ashes in July and August, and the Rugby League World Cup in November, to name a few, it is unfortunate that these companies in the TV tuner market are, presumably, still waiting to launch Lightning-equipped devices.

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