Hoxton Square, London based design studio Applied Works has put together a video showcasing interactive graphics created for The Times Apple iPad application.

Applied Works have so far created four interactive infographics for The Times, which show the potential advantage the iPad offers over traditional media.

Firstly, 'The Wall of Debt' accompanied coverage of George Osbourne’s emergency budget and illustrated the scale of the UK’s national debt, deficit and budget cuts over a 15 year period up to 2015.

A World Cup planner tracked all the fixtures, results and scorers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa via a live data feed. The graphic also served up live stats for each of the 736 players at the tournament.

The 'Health of England' graphic helped highlight the striking north/south health divide that exists in England using 32 different indicators of health. Regional scores are graded against the national average, marked green - better than average, yellow - not significantly different than average -  or red - worse than average.

Finally, to commemorate 70 years since the Battle of Britain, a slideshow documents the events over an interactive timeline containing pictures, newspaper cuttings and audio clips.

The award winning studio promise to invent, re-invent and strengthen brands, creating effective communications through brand strategy, identity creation, digital design, moving image and print design, complemented by a network of creative and technical specialists. See more work at www.appliedworks.co.uk.

The Times: iPad infographics by Applied Works from Applied Works on Vimeo.

Speaking at a media debate in Sydney, Australia this week, The Times owner, Rupert Murdoch said "tens of thousands of readers" enjoyed content from his newspapers including The Times and The Wall Street Journal via paid applications.

The Times application costs £9.99 every 28 days and covers the Monday to Saturday editions of the newspaper.

The Australian-born American media magnate predicted impressive sales for Apple's iPad: "It looks like they will sell around 15 million iPads this calendar year, and more than 40 million by 2012. And the iPad is just one of many tablet or slate computers in the pipeline. News Corp fully intends to be across all those platforms too."

Battle of Britain timeline for The Times iPad app

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