Further to our story yesterday which suggested that news that Apple is adding Bluetooth connectivity to the Apple TV could indicate that people will soon be able to use Bluetooth keyboards, and third party remotes – enabling playing of games via the Apple TV, it has emerged that 'Apps & Games' have appeared as a Holiday themed category on the Apple TV interface.

This could be a mistake, as the Holiday Apps & Games section also appears on iOS devices, and if a user selects the banner they are lead to an empty page with no apps listed. However, it has fueled speculation that Apple could bring apps and games to the Apple TV set-top box.

9to5Mac has a full gallery of the Apple TV holiday app selections.

Following Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook's interviews last week in which he described television is an area of "intense interest" for his company, there has been a lot of speculation as to when Apple will launch a TV, if indeed it does. Many reports are now suggesting that it is more likely that Apple will improve the Apple TV offering.

However, news today suggests that even the Apple TV set-top box may not be a profitable area for Apple to develop. The Google TV has been a flop and now Google is said to be looking to sell of its Motorola Home Business that was building the set-top boxes.

According to Bloomberg, Google wants to focus on smartphones in its battle with Apple. Motorola was acquired by Google in a $12.5 billion deal last year. Google unveiled its set-top box back in 2010.

Another set top box using the Google TV platform was the Logitech Revnue, Logitech abandoned that product claiming it had "cost us dearly", writes AppleInsider.

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