Cambridge, UK based Arcam has launched a new premium iPod speaker dock, which the company claims is the world's best.

The result of more than three years of R&D, the Arcam rCube features a unique acoustic structure driven by what the company calls state of the art electronics.

Uniquely the rCube has built-in CD quality music streaming from Mac/PC or iPod/iPad/iPhone using Kleer technology, with the addition of an optional Arcam rWand and rWave wireless transmitters.

An rCube can share music with to up 8 other rCubes OR rDacs or 8 pairs of Kleer headphone from people like Opera, Sennheiser, TDK and Sleek. One iPod in one rCube can transmit to a whole houseful of rCubes insists Arcam.

The bass-mid drivers come with a bucking magnet system to avoid  magnetic interference between the closely situated drivers and use a  back to back force-cancelling system to minimise internal vibration.

Professional-grade electronics use a 4 layer PCB to ensure optimum layouts for low noise operation and are housed in a cast metal enclosure to control EMC emissions.

The electronic crossover and the DSP code are handled by an Analog Devices  ADV 4601. The three digital amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products in Dallas. Two amps are used  in bridge mode for the bass/mid drivers and in stereo mode for the tweeters.

Arcam rCube

Total power is 90 watts rms, while Arcam use the same type of audiophile capacitors and op-amps that are used in the high end FMJ range.

There are a total of 7 separate power supplies feeding the digital and  analogue sections of the main board to avoid inter-modulation and reduce

The rCube comes with a 19 volt switch mode power supply that can deliver 5A and the built-in Lithium-ion Battery pack has a capacity of 2200 mAh (milliamp  hours) delivering up to 8hrs of playtime depending on volume.

Available in October and Apple certified for iPhone and iPod, the Arcam rCube costs £500 and will initially be offered by John Lewis department stores and online at launch.

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