Archiware has launched version 4.2 of its SMB backup solution PresSTORE.

Adding automated fail-safe backup rotation, multi-selection restore and metadata import for the archive module, PresSTORE 4.2 is available now from £637 from the JPY website.

A new alternating backup feature means that different tape pools can be specified within a single backup configuration, and PresSTORE will always write the tapes it finds available, taking care to maintain a full data-set on all sets of tapes.

PresSTORE Archive can ingest embedded metadata from the source files and add it to the archive index, thereby making it searchable.

Josef Doods, CEO and co-founder of Archiware commented "PresSTORE 4, offered our customers simple asset management through our searchable index and extensive support for thumbnail previews.

"PresSTORE P4.2 is a further step in this direction, adding meta-data support. It’s the perfect solution for SMB’s that need a straightforward and easily administered data management solution but not wishing to deal with any unnecessary complexity. PresSTORE is a reliable and cost-effective approach," Doods continued.