BBC 6 Music reports that an iTunes accident generated the Arctic Monkeys invasion of the UK singles chart last week.

The Arctics' latest album, Favourite Worst Nightmare is currently at number one in the charts, but the effect of iTunes on those charts has become significant, the report suggests.

Not only did the album shoot to the top, but for a day or so last week, each track from the record made it into the top 200 singles chart, according to the report.

It's alleged that iTunes accidentally released every single track from the album as an individual download "a few hours" before making the album available to customers.

Fervent Arctic's fans simply went ahead and purchased each track inividually, causing the chart anomaly in the singles ratings.

The chart position eventually balanced out, with the Arctic's achieving two top 75 slots in the singles chart, though their dominance maintained itself in the album chart.

A spokesperson for the label accepted a problem may have occurred, but declined to share any details of what it might have been. Apple declined comment.