The newly upgraded Asbru Web Content Management 6.2 offers better e-commerce capabilities than before.

The system already provides merchants with a search-engine-optimised e-commerce solution with store design control, product-catalogue management and a shopping cart.

In this latest release Asbru has added support for a wider variety of product types and payment service providers, more flexibility for web designers and improvements to make it easier to use for non-technical users.

Product templates to suit each product category can now be created, offering website managers control and flexibility over the layout of product pages. Product descriptions, photos, links, other media and custom product data can be added anywhere on a product page by placing special product attribute tags in a standard HTML/XHTML product template document. When non-technical users add new products they will automatically appear on the website and when selected they will be displayed in the product templates.

Further additions to this version include digital delivery of products, subscription handling and product options.

Version 6.2 also includes a new payment processing module architecture, offering PayPal as standard, but allowing users to set-up payment processing modules for other third-party payment services.

This version also adds paged content, data and user administration index pages for AJAX-driven handling of large amounts of content items, data and users.

An online trial of the system - which costs from £100 for a single webmaster to £1,000 for an unlimited number of webmasters - is available.