Joe Konrath, a best-selling thriller author claims sales of his books on Amazon's Kindle easily outsell Apple's iBooks iTunes Store by 60 to 1. In a 12 month period, the author sold over 35,000 self-published ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

Writing on his 'A Newbie's Guide to Publishing' blog, the author published as J.A Konrath notes: "Publishers might be looking at enriched or enhanced ebooks as their new big-ticket items to replace hardcovers. But the major ebook retailer, Amazon, isn't set up for video. Kindle isn't even able to do colour yet. That leaves Apple, and according to my numbers Apple is a very small part of the ebook market. I sell 200 ebooks a day on Kindle. On iPad, I sell 100 a month."

Despite the disappointing iPad sales, Konrath, who offers nearly 40 books digitally including a popular guide to getting published, believes publishers and authors need to adapt to survive. "Right now, readers are voting with their wallets. They're making the ebook market grow at an incredible rate; up 6 per cent in just 12 months. That's over a 200 per cent sales increase in ebooks."

The Newbie's Guide to Publishing (Everything A Writer Needs To Know)

[Via ITProPortal]

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