Today's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway on iTunes is Revolution Games' Broken Sword: The Director's Cut.

In this point-and-click, BAFTA-nominated, adventure, you play two roles: the first as Nico Collard, a Parisian journalist, the second, George Stobbart, a principled American. The story begins with a murder mystery that escalates into a whirlwind of political and historical intrigue. Players interact with objects and people using the point-and-click engine, pursuing dialogue options and solving a variety of in-game puzzles.

You can download it here.

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Over the next few days you can expect Apple to offer a range of free presents via the iTunes Store. Last year the company gave away games including Electronic Arts Trivial Pursuit and an episode of BBC TV show Outnumbered.

So far this year Apple has given away a Cheryl Cole song, music by Duran Duran, an episode of Father Ted, and the Life of Pi eBook. The 12 Days of Christmas campaign only runs in the UK.

Apple promises a "fantastic" selection of songs, music videos, applications, books, TV episodes and a film will be free for 24 hours each day.

The offer runs from Boxing Day, 26 December 2010 until 6 January 2011.

Users can sign up to receive an Apple email alert for each free offer or download a dedicated 12 Days of Christmas iPhone application.

More details are available at iTunes.

Come back tomorrow to find out what Apple is giving away for free on the ninth day of Christmas.