The BBC may be closer than we think to introducing iPhone support to its iPlayer service.

iPhone users navigating to the BBC website ( ) today are being presented with the usual richly decorated navigation screen detailing what they could watch if iPhone supported Adobe Flash Player, but there's now an extra element...

A pink triangle within the iPlayer browser which states the iPlayer for iPhone is in beta.

However, when a user clicks on any of the available shows to play them, they'll quickly notice that playback on iPhone doesn't work, at least, not yet. One slight change here is that you're no longer told you require Flash support in order to watch the show.

iPhone users bookmarking the iPlayer page also report the iPhone bookmarks now offers an iPlayer option.

Is the BBC planning to introduce the service shortly after the iPhone SDK launch, or are these two moves unrelated?

Editor's note: Thanks to Steve Johnson for the heads-up.