The BBC's iPlayer iPhone app has been optimised for the Apple iPhone 5, with version 2.0.2 offering a version of iPlayer that fills the iPhone 5's 4in screen.

iPlayer is one of the UK's most popular apps, allowing Brits the chance to catch up on shows they've missed. It's was therefore one of the most eagerly awaited iPhone 5 optimisation upgrades for UK customers.

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone model to feature a screen of anything other than 3.5in in an aspect ratio of 3:2. Apple stretched the iPhone 5's screen into a 4in display (diagonally) with a 16:9 ratio. This meant that app developers would have to modify iPhone apps to fit the new screen. Until they do so, apps will appear with black bars covering part of the iPhone 5's screen.

iPlayer has seen a number of updates lately, including 3G support and the ability to record programmes for offline viewing. A radio version of the app has also launched recently. As well as iPhone 5 optimisation, version 2.0.2 of the iPlayer app includes some cosmetic changes and bug repairs.

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone 5


The developers write:

"Huge thanks for all of your feedback on our last update. The team at BBC HQ have been busy preparing this shiny new release. We really hope that you like it.

"Updates include:

"- Support for iPhone 5 - a full screen of BBC iPlayer goodness and no more black bars!

"- Watching programmes on the iPad has had a facelift. Check out what’s behind the “More” and “Live Channels” buttons.

"- It's already available on the iPad, and now you can plug your phone into your telly.

"- Feedback on the BBC iPlayer downloads feature has been great. We've fixed a number of bugs to hopefully make it even better!"

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