The BBC starts streaming its two most popular channels BBC One and BBC Two live on the Internet from today.

The BBC’s flagship channels should be available to watch online and via mobile devices, although accessing from the iPhone redirects you to the standard BBC iPlayer for iPhone site.

The live feeds can be found here (BBC One) and here (BBC Two).

Not all shows can be watched, however, due to licensing and legal restrictions. When a show is unavailable a message informs viewers: "Sorry we can't show you this particular programme for legal reasons, however, this programme is available on your TV."

Last week Director of BBC vision Jana Bennett said this "completes our commitment" to make channels available online.

"From 27 November license fee payers will be able to watch BBC programmes live wherever they are in the UK on their computers, mobile phones and other portable devices," said Bennett.

As with the iPlayer, content with be restricted to the UK by means of establishing where you are viewing based on your IP address.

No sign yet of a Mac friendly iPlayer download service promised by the BBC in February this year.

Note: This article has been updated with information regarding the BBC Live service on the iPhone. After testing it appears that the Live service does not appear to work, although the BBC iPlayer service is iPhone compatible.

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