In order to make it into Apple's top 10 paid applications chart on the iOS App Store, a paid iPhone app needs to be downloaded around 4,000 times every day, and, to be listed in the top 10 grossing list, need to make $47,000 (£31,000) per day, a study has found.

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Mobile app analytics firm Distimo's latest iOS App Store trends report found that, in May, the number 10 iPhone app in the iOS App Store's paid chart in the US averaged 4,000 downloads per day.

Developers who want to see their app in the top 10 grossing list on the US iOS App Store will need to generate at least $47,000 (£31,000) every day, the study found. To get to number 50 in this chart, iPhone apps will need to make an average of $12,000 (£7,900) per day, while iPad apps need to make slightly less, at $10,200 (£6,700) per day.

As for free apps, an average of 72,000 downloads per day is needed to get to the number 10 spot in the iPhone chart, or 23,000 downloads to get a position among the top 50 apps. iPad applications in 50th position in the top free apps chart were downloaded 8,200 times a day in May, almost three times less than iPhone apps in the same position.

Apps in the Google Play store need almost half of the amount of income to secure a spot in the top 50 grossing list, at around $6,600 per day, while those in the Amazon Appstore need to be downloaded just 2,500 times to get into the top 50 list, a whopping nine times less than iPhone apps.

Over the weekend, it's much more of a challenge for apps to land a top spot in the iOS App Store charts, because the number of overall app downloads sees a significant increase on Saturday and Sunday. On Thursdays, however, developers won't need as many downloads to find themselves in the charts, Distimo found.

[Via Apple Insider]

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