Rumours that music from The Beatles will one day be made available through iTunes took another boost this week, with news that ex-drummer, Ringo Starr, has reached his own digital music distribution deal.

Starr has reached an agreement to sell some of his solo works on the internet, the ouvre includes his Beacoups Of Blues and Ringo albums, which will be made available from 28 August.

Ringtones and a compilation album will also be made available in advance of the release of Starr's next album, Liverpool 8, in January.

The news emerges as UK television screens see the latest iTunes ad featuring former-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney on their screens.

The widow of George Harrison recently added to the debate when she confirmed that all parties with an interest in music from the Beatles had agreed to make the music available legally online, though she warned this may not now emerge until next year.

EMI CEO Eric Nicoli recently confirmed his company to be working on such an arrangement.