Music from The Beatles is set to be made available through iTunes in the coming months.

The Evening Standard cites sources close to Sir Paul McCartney who have confirmed plans to release the Beatles back catalogue online through iTunes. McCartney's taken the decision in order to raise money to finance his multi-million pound divorce from Heather MIlls.

Sales of the music should raise millions for the surviving Beatles and the families of those now passed away. Analysts claim it will be the most prized music catalogue ever released.

The online release has been hampered by legal wrangles that have now been settled. A source close to the musician told the Evening Standard today: "I reckon the Beatles catalogue will go on this year."

UPDATE: Yet again, since the Evening Standard report emerged, a second report (from the Guardian) decries the rumour, with Apple Corps reportedly denying the claims. We have to admit, this story's growing dull, so we're giving up on the reporting of this particular meme. We just hope the music comes to iTunes before everyone forgets what the Beatles sounded like...