EMI has stepped in to deny rumours that music from The Beatles will be made available for download through online music services "soon".

The company moved fast against UK online music vendor, Wippit, which had posted a release claiming it would be the first retailer to sell tracks from the Fab Four on its website.

EMI demanded the statement be removed, the BBC reports.

A source at Wippit today exclusively told Macworld UK: "There will be an official announcement tomorrow that will confirm our position and make some Beatles fans very happy indeed."

Wippit CEO Paul Myers historically has said: "I will give (The Beatles company) Apple Corps. half of my business if they allowed Wippit to sell The Beatles exclusively."

True or false, the story shows the level of anticipation surrounding the online debut of The Beatles; music and technology pundits, and fans all expect the release of songs to drive the band straight into the top ten chart, given new download rules.

The hot rumours right now speculate that the band will have reached some kind of arrangement with iTunes to release material, though this may emerge as not being the case.

Apple Corps and Apple Inc last month settled a long-standing dispute over use of the Apple logo with regard to music services.

The settlement saw Apple Inc take control of the trademark, licensing some uses back to The Beatles' company, Apple Corps.

At that time, Apple Corps manager Neil Aspinall said his company hoped for "many years of peaceful co-operation" with Apple Inc.