Tagtraum Industries has introduced beaTunes 1.2, the latest version of its iTunes library management tool.

The software offers a range of track inspection and metadata editing tools for iTunes. It's used to ensure artist and album names are correct and consistent and allows music lovers to categorise songs into the correct genres.

beaTunes is also capable of analysing the colour, tempo (BPM) and language of any tracks that are not DRM-infected. It can be used to create playlists of matching songs, and also offers built-in support for Blogger.

BPM analysis is now 60 per cent faster on a Mac equipped with a Core 2 Duo processor.

The new version introduced new inspections, a full-screen album charts mode, and a track identification feature for songs that lack artist or title information.

The latter feature is enabled by use of acoustic fingerprints provided by MusicIP's MusicDNS service.

A free 14 day trial version of the software is available. The software costs $24.95 and is available for Mac and Windows systems.