A Belgian court has upheld an earlier ruling that Google cannot reproduce news from Belgian newspapers on its Google News website, according to a representative for the newspapers involved.

The ruling upholds a decision reached in September by the Court of the First Instance in Brussels, which required Google to remove all the content from French and German language newspapers published in Belgium from its site.

The newspapers, represented by the Belgian trade group Copiepresse, had argued that Google profited unfairly by posting extracts of their stories on its site. The result of Google's appeal was announced on Tuesday.

"It's a very good result for us," and largely confirms what was decided by the court in September, said Margaret Boribon, Copiepresse's secretary general.

Google was studying the ruling Tuesday morning and was not immediately able to comment, said Google spokeswoman Jessica Powell. A representative at the Court of First Instance could not confirm the ruling.

The court did not affirm every part of the earlier ruling, Boribon said. It significantly reduced the daily fines that Google was required to pay for not removing the newspaper content from its website immediately, from €1.5 million per day to €25,000 per day, Boribon said.