BeLight Software has announced Printfolio, an easy-to-use print design software suite.

The collection includes all the company's applications: Business Card Composer, Mail Factory, Swift Publisher, Disc Cover as well as image-editing application Image Tricks.

Each component application offers dedicated support for certain tasks, Disc Cover is bespoke software for creating CD/DVD labels, covers and inserts, for example. Mail Factory has been developed as an easy-to-use tool for printing envelopes, address and shipping labels.

All the constituent software applications provide complete integration that allows users to exchange data between them, BeLight Software said.

The suite includes 900 business card templates, CD/DVD labels, flyers, newsletters and other design templates. All the applications have access to a 23,000-strong clip-art image library.

The suite costs $84.95 (download version) or $89.95 plus $9 (handling) for the boxed version.