Belkin this week revealed a trio of new iPod accessories, which seem set to reach the UK later this year.

The company announced the SportCommand, TuneStage II and TuneCast 3.

SportCommand ($79.99) is a wireless fabric remote that straps to your arms and controls your iPod wirelessly (at up to a 50-foot range). The company believes the solution will be of particular value to active sportsmen and women.

TuneStage II ($149.99) is compatible with the iPod with video and second-generation iPod nano. It's a Bluetooth 2.0 device that slots onto the iPod dock connector and allows users to beam music to their stereo or home entertainment set-up, while using the iPod as the remote control.

The product operates at a range of up to 30-feet. The solution also lets users wirelessly connect an iPod to other Bluetooth devices, such as headphones. The Receiver can also link to MP3 mobile phones.

Finally, Belkin has revealed TuneCast 3, the latest generation of its popular range of FM transmitters for the iPod. Such devices are currently outlawed in the UK, but seem set for legality by Christmas.

TuneCast 3 ($49.99) is a universal FM Transmitter that will broadcast audio to an FM frequency band. The upgraded product offers a status indicator and can stream audio from any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It features a 20-hour battery life.

All three products are scheduled to ship in the US in November, with the UK launch set to "follow shortly", when UK pricing will be revealed.