Belkin is shipping its new TuneCommand AV iPod docking system in the UK.

TuneCommand AV is a conventional dock that is controlled by an RF remote at ranges of up to 120-feet.

The dock can be connected to powered speakers, a HiFi system or home entertainment set-up, and is equipped to transfer music or video to a user's playback device of choice employing the AV cable supplied.

Users simply dock their iPod in the TuneCommand AV and use the remote to control content on screen. The Dock is powered so the iPod is charging whilst playing.

The eight-function RF remote offers play, pause, skip, volume, shuffle and repeat controls.

The system works with all 5G video and photo iPod's. iPod 4G, Photo, mini, Video, nano and nano 2G. It ships with an AV cable. The system costs $89.99 in the US, UK price hasn't yet been confirmed.