Philips ActionFit


These earphones get top marks from us for security of fit, perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music as they work out. They’ve also got excellent sound quality, and will help motivate sporty types, so long as you get some good tunes.

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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo



The Powerstation Duo is a super dual battery charger for iPhones, iPads and other mobile gadgets. You use the USB cable that comes with your device, so it works with Lightning, as well as the old dock connector. Four LEDs indicate how much juice the Powerstation has left. 

MediaDevil Grafickase



Creative types will enjoy choosing an image or photo to turn into one of MediaDevil’s Grafikcase protective cases for iPhone 5. Alternatively, you can choose from one of the pre-made designs, which range from cute cupcakes to creepy monsters and grenades.

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Braven Six Series

From £129.99


The Braven Six Series consists of three portable Bluetooth speaker designs that can charge your iPhone as well as play its music. They also act as a speakerphone via the built-in microphone. Listen, charge and chat with Braven’s Six Series, which come in a variety of colours.

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Swissvoice ePure

From £34.99

Swissvoice says its ePure handsets are designed to bring the comfort of landline phones to mobile devices. We’re not sure about comfort, but if you like the retro look, you can plug the ePure in to your iPhone using a 3.5mm jack. It can even be used with Siri, by pressing the buttons located on the handset itself. Know a chatterbox? The ePure could be just the gift you’re looking for. 

Fitbit One



Made a plan to get fit in the new year? The Fitbit One might help. It’s a tiny pedometer that keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned, how far you’ve walked, and even how well you slept. You can set an alarm that wakes you up slowly in the morning, and set goals to help motivate you. You can keep track of your progress on the Fitbit app (free,, which connects via Bluetooth.

Just Mobile Gum



Just Mobile’s Gum is a pocket-sized power pack that’s perfect for giving your iPhone a boost when the battery is running low. Available in three colours, it has LED power indicators so you’ll know how much juice it has left. Just Mobile says the Gum works with the iPhone 5, as well as older generations of iPhone, but notes it doesn’t come with a Lightning adapter.

Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo



Those with a love of fast cars but a lack of cash to splash will love this Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo, a remote control Ferrari that can be steered using an iPhone. The 1:16th scale car has working headlamps, tail and brake lights, and indicators and hazard lights. Plus, it even has suspension and sound effects. Imagine the fun you could have on Christmas day with this.