Evidence that the iPhone 5 could launch in the first week of October in the US has emerged in the form of a leaked document from retailer Best Buy.

Boy Genius Report claims that the document was received from a Best Buy source. It appears to show that the launch is expected to happen in the first week of October and also that network carrier Sprint will offer the iPhone 5 from launch.

Sprint has confirmed that it will be holding a press event on 7 October, but reportedly told employees to remain silent on all matters iPhone related.

The document, which is pictured on the BGR site, does add that launch dates could be subject to change, though. It is also not 100 percent clear whether the document is referring to pre-orders or actual availability, though the source apparently later contacted BGR to confirm that it is an actual launch that the document anticipates.

The report would appear to confirm information from Chinese sources that iPhone 5 assembly has begun and that the handset will hit the US in early October and Asian markets later in the month.

Meanwhile, San Francisco police have confirmed that they did help Apple attempt to recover a missing iPhone 5 prototype that disappeared from a Mexican restaurant in July, after initially appearing to deny the reports.