Welcome to our best new games for iPad and iPhone article. Here, we'll bring a selection of new & noteworthy games available in the iOS App Store for you to discover. We'll be updating this article on a regular basis, so bookmark this page and check back next month for even more new iOS games.

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Best new game of the month

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (universal, free)

It has arrived! The long-awaited sequel to PopCap's award-winning Plants vs. Zombies game has hit the iOS App Store, and it's a blast. It's a free app, and had been downloaded 16 million times within less than a week of its release on the iOS App Store.

Fans of the original will enjoy the familiar tower defence gameplay, but will also be treated to new plants and gameplay mechanics. The time-travel theme adds extra fun to the game, taking players to ancient Egypt and beyond.

The downfall is the in-app purchases. While you can complete the game without them, in-app purchases are massively appealing due to the difficulty that comes with finding stars to unlock new levels and plants.

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Best iPad & iPhone games

Cloud Spin (iPad, £1.49)

This cute and colourful flying game sees players help Lucky the rabbit dodge hazards and go for gold in Tournament mode or fly free in the Free Flight mode.

Little Galaxy (universal, 69p)


Gorgeous graphics and simple but challenging gameplay makes Little Galaxy a joy to play. Space jump through solar systems from one planet to another with just one touch, catching stars as you go.

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Sky Tourist (universal, 69p)


Sticking with the space and flying themes, Sky Tourist follows Petey Pendant as he zips through the universe collecting souvenirs using his home-made space travel technique. There are 75 levels across three worlds to play through.

Trial By Survival  (universal, free)


In a post-apocalyptic world, players will need to fight to survive in this new iOS game. Two modes, survival and arena, as well as procedurally generated map, randomised levels and destructible environments, can mean endless entertainment.

A Ride into the Mountains (universal, 69p)

Saddle up and reach for your bow in this retro-looking game that requires players to help a young man ride into the mountains and use his archery skills fight against an evil force that has invaded.

Amateur Surgeon 3 (universal, free)


Amateur Surgeon 3 is oddly addictive and surprisingly challenging. Plus, peculiar characters including mutant bears and robots paired with strange scenarios make it funny and entertaining.

Worms 3 (universal, £2.99)


Worms 3 expands upon the classic Worms gameplay that began in the 90s, with new card mode and collectable in-game reward cards, as well as a new Class system that lets you choose the type of worms you want for your team.

Pivot (universal, £1.99)


Test your reaction speed in this arcade-style game. There are five game modes to unlock: Voyage, Endless, Expert Voyage, Expert Endless and Berserk. Prepare to get addicted to trying to beat your high score in Endless mode.

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