Who should Apple fans follow on Twitter? Here are the key accounts worth a look on the social network. Updated 12 June 2014

When we first put together our list of the best Apple experts and pundits to follow on Twitter, Apple boss Tim Cook had just joined Twitter, enabling us to follow the Apple supremo's every thought through the popular social network. He started slowly, but at time of writing has now reached the heady heights of 66 tweets, ranging from photographs from key Apple launch events around the world to, um, stuff about the Auburn Tigers American football team.

But who else should the discerning Apple fan follow on Twitter? We've gathered the movers and shakers of the Apple world, together with their Twitter handles, below - from senior members of Apple's executive team to Apple analysts, experts and enthusiasts worth following.

Most recently added to this list is Angela Ahrendts, Apple's head of retail, along with a debunking of a fake Craig Federighi account, but we are always looking for more. Please let us know - in the comments below, or via Twitter itself.

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Apple executives

Tim Cook: Apple's boss. Doesn't tweet terribly often, but he remains an essential for Apple fans on Twitter. Verified.

Phil Schiller: Apple's senior vice-president for worldwide marketing, and a major figure at Apple's press events. Verified.

Eddy Cue: Senior vice-president for internet software and services. Verified.

Angela Ahrendts: Senior vice-president for Apple retail, and a relatively recent hire. Apple's most high-profile female executive, and (as the former CEO of Burberry) a link to the fashion industries we expect Apple to attack in coming years as the wearables market grows in importance. Verified.

Craig Federighi: The explosive presenter (WWDC 2014's breakout star for mainstream audiences, even though he's been a big name at Apple for many years), and head of software. Apparently Craig isn't on Twitter yet, even though a huge number of developers and media organisations thought that @craig_apple was him. It turns out that it's a fake, and has since been suspended.

Jony Ive: probably the biggest name at Apple, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, Sir Jony is responsible for industrial design and has a hand in both software and hardware design. Sadly it's likely that he isn't on Twitter; the most likely possibility is @SirJonyIve, but that's unconfirmed, and not exactly rewarding to read. We'll add Sir Jony to the list when and if he joins the site or makes himself known.

Peter Oppenheimer [unconfirmed]: I've seen at least one tech database point to this account as belonging to Apple's senior vice president and chief financial officer, but it has only one follower and no tweets, so make of that what you will. Potentially one to keep an eye on in future, if you're interested in money stuff.

Phil Schiller on Twitter

Former Apple staff

Steve Wozniak: erratic engineering genius, co-founder of Apple and creator of the Apple I and II. Woz spends most of his time these days complaining about Apple's recent direction and campaigning for human rights

Scott Forstall [unconfirmed]: We think this is him. Forstall was one of the stars of the Apple firmament and was once tipped to take over from Steve Jobs, but was forced out last October. It was rumoured that he was as difficult to work with as he was talented (which is to say, very)

John Sculley [unconfirmed]: Again, we're fairly sure this is the real thing. Famously recruited by Steve Jobs from Pepsi with the words "Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?" The pair later fell out, and Sculley was obliged to give way

Ronald Wayne: The one that got away. Co-founded Apple with the two Steves, then sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Or to put it another way, he sold a share in Apple that would have been worth about $35 billion in today's money, for a total of about $2,300. Ouch. (Source)

Ken Segall: A big part of Apple's advertising in the past, and one of the brains behind the 'Think Different' campaign

Apple products and departments

Apple - Apple's official Twitter feed



App Store

iTunes Festival

Macworld team

Macworld UK: Our official Twitter account. But Macworld's writers tweet their own (sometimes conflicting) views on Apple technology from individual accounts:

Karen Haslam: The editor of Macworld. A Mac expert, unsurprisingly. Was once pushed out of the way by Steve Jobs, apparently

David Price: Online editor, specialising in iOS and iOS devices

Ashleigh Allsopp: Senior staff writer, reviews guru and rumour investigator

Matt Egan: The editor in chief. Smartphone comparisons (and defending them from inevitable abusive comments) a speciality

Simon Jary: The publisher. Also a former editor of Macworld and an Apple enthusiast of many years' standing

Nick Spence: Knowledgeable fan of Apple and design topics

iPad & iPhone User: Our iOS-focused sister magazine

Macworld Awards: Celebrating the best products and companies in the Apple sphere

Macworld/iWorld: Events run by our colleagues in the US

Apple watchers, analysts and enthusiasts

Lou Hattersley: Former Macworld editor

Kirk McElhearn: Also known as The iTunes Guy

Craig Grannell: iOS expert, with unrivalled knowledge of iOS games worth checking out 

Jason Snell: editorial director of Macworld in the US, as well as PC World and Tech Hive

Chris Breen: Another big name at Macworld US

Dan Frakes: Editor and writer with MWUS

Jon Seff: ...and Jon is executive editor at Macworld US

Florian Mueller: founder of the FOSS Patents blog, an essential resource for information on technology patents and legal shenanigans

Andy Ihnatko: Extremely knowledgeable and perceptive on both Apple and non-Apple technology subjects. To quote his bio, an "Internationally Beloved Industry Figure™"

Jonny Evans: Another long-time Apple blogger. Well worth a read

Martyn Williams: Works for the IDG News Service in California

David Pogue: Tech columnist. Famously described Apple Maps as an "appalling first release"

Charles Arthur: Guardian technology editor

Christopher Phin: Editor of MacFormat

Adam Banks: Editor-in-chief of MacUser

Jason Bradbury: Him off the Gadget Show.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt: Apple-focused writer and journalist

Stephen Fry: the most famous Apple fan in the country. May tweet on non-Apple topics from time to time, sadly

Rival Mac-focused publications and websites





Cult of Mac

Daring Fireball


The Apple Trap



The Mac Observer

Ars Technica's Apple-focused account



not Jonathan Ive: highly amusing if profanity-laden parody account, depicting Apple's softly spoken design guru as a foul-mouthed bully

The Macalope: Just as angry but less prone to blue language, the Macalope finds stupid articles about Apple and then tears them to pieces

Any more suggestions? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below, or get in touch (on Twitter, obviously)