Giant UK education trade show BETT opens its doors on 10 January.

To mark the beginning of the event, Apple has published an in-depth feature detailing the pioneering, award-winning work done by Year 8 students at St Michael's Church of England High School in Sandwell, Birmingham.

Working in partnership with Shireland City Learning Centre, the students have been using Macs and iLife application, GarageBand, to script, record and edit radio programmes for the award-winning internet radio site, Radiowaves.

The project goal was to use the experiment to support students attainment in English, particularly the ability to use sentences and write whole blocks of text. The teachers noted that by the end of the project, even less well-able students had made significant progress.

"The students’ adeptness at picking up editing techniques meant that they were often demonstrating techniques to the teachers themselves," the report notes.