FileMaker made a trio of announcements for education professionals at giant UK trade show BETT today.

The news is spearheaded by the launch of a range of curriculum-approved Learning Packs, which are being published by Douglas Stewart EDU.

The company also confirmed that FileMaker Pro 8.5 features live web data on demand and is available at an educatonal discount, and launched that software in three new languages: Czech, Polish and Extended English.
The Curriculum Online (COL) approved 'FileMaker Learning Packs', are curriculum-based pack that provide teachers and students with easy-to-use database software tailored for a range of subjects.
The FileMaker Learning Packs contain a copy of FileMaker Pro 8.5 and teaching and learning materials for Geography, History, Religious Education, with more uses highlighted for Science, ICT and Physical Education.

The technology is more sophisticated yet easier to use than MS Access and Excel, enabling teachers to conduct cross-curricular learning supported by activities and exercises in the FileMaker Learning Packs.

The FileMaker in the School Curriculum Pack consists of three cross-curricular assignments supported by activities and exercises integrated with FileMaker 8.5 Pro. The three assignments – one Geography, one History, and one Religious Studies — are supported by over 20 tables of information in three databases, and 140 slides and pages of supporting exercises, user help and guidance.

BECTA has accredited the FileMaker Learning Packs, which will be available to purchase via the eLearning Credits scheme.
“The use of technology in the classroom can help transform lessons for both teacher and pupils.  FileMaker are looking to achieve greater understanding and increased use of databases within the curriculum, rather than simply ICT lessons, to demonstrate how technology can help engage and inspire students. The FileMaker Learning Packs will encourage creativity as well as drastically reduce teacher administration” said Tony Speakman, FileMaker’s regional manager for Northern Europe.
The FileMaker Learning Packs are available for ten Classroom users from £325 (plus VAT) and 30 Classroom users from £850 (plus VAT).