Microsoft chairman Bill Gates appears upset by Apple's range of 'Get A Mac' ads, judging by his reaction.

A report on Ad Age features an interview between Gates and magazine columnist, Bob Garfield.

The discussion covers IPTV, next-generation TV content distribution, the evolution of the digital media world – and the Apple ads.

Gates also spoke up for Vista and Zune sales: "Zune has gained a great No 2 position as a product that's completely new for us."

The Microsoft co-founder also spoke up for Bono's (PRODUCT) RED charity, which has recently faced criticism for raising less money in sales than its partner companies spent on marketing.

A major philanthropist himself through the Bill and Melinda Gares Foundation, Gates' slams the anti-(PRODUCT) RED reports, stressing the charity is about "saving lives".

"The success of, say, what The Gap did or what Armani did or various things show that consumers do want to get involved in saving lives. And so anybody who says that hasn't been successful, that's, you know, pretty cynical stuff that I wouldn't agree with."

Then Gates is asked what he feels about the John Hodgman PC character in Apple's ads. He refuses to comment on this, and then seems to enter a reflective sulk, needing to be prompted to sign off from the radio show.