Grown-ups and IT departments aren't the only ones eying the Apple iPad this year.

Seems that kids have the the popular device, which is gaining ground in the workplace on their wish lists, too.

A Nielsen study shows that 31 per cent of kinds in the U.S. between the ages of 6 and 12, are hoping for an iPad above all other devices this holiday season. While the iPad is the most hoped-for electronic device this season, the iPod Touch tied with a computer for second place, with 29 per cent wanting one or the other.

"With Black Friday rapidly approaching, parents may want to get up early Friday morning to find deals, as a recent survey shows their kids are eyeing some wallet-stretching electronics this holiday season," Nielsen reported. "Given the continued pressure on consumer spending, it is difficult to know how robust a holiday season this will be for tech devices, but this survey suggests the electronics aisle will be heavily traveled this season."

The Nielsen report noted that the iPad and the iPod touch both outpaced perennial handheld gaming favourites Nintendo DS (sought after by 25 per cent) and Sony PlayStation Portable (wanted by14 per cent) among those surveyed.

Apple iPad

Another Apple product made the list, as well. The Nielsen survey showed that 20 per cent of kids want an iPhone . Another 21 per cent said they want a smartphone that's not an iPhone.

So, what's not so popular this year?

The Kinect for Xbox 360 tied with the PlayStation Portable at 14 per cent. But even they came in ahead of the Microsoft Xbox 360, which grabbed 12 per cent, and an ereader, which is wanted by 11 per cent of those surveyed.