RIM has announced its BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, the top-of-the line BlackBerry that – it hopes – is going to take on the iPhone 5 and save the company.

BlackBerry has announced two phones packing its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The Q10 and Z10 are both high-end smartphones with a raft of new features.

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The difference between the two is mainly that the Z10 is an iPhone-like touchscreen phones, whereas the Q10 is a more traditional BlackBerry with physical keyboard.

Let's take a look at how the Z10 compares to the iPhone 5.

BlackBerry Z10 Specs

Screen: 1280 x 768 resolution, 356ppi, 4.2-inch
Processor: 1.5 Ghz dual core processors
Storage: 16GB (internal storage) and microSD slot for expandable memory up to 32GB
OS: BlackBerry 10
Camera: 8MP rear-facing, 2Mp front-facing
Colours: Available in Black & White
Connectivity: 4G LTE or HSPA+ networks, NFC, micro HDMI
Battery: Up to 10 hours* talk time (3G) and Up to 13 days* standby time
BlackBerry 10 Z10 new features: Z10

iPhone 5 Tech Specs

Screen: 1136x640, 326ppi, 4-inch
Processor: A6 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, triple core GPU
Storage: 16, 32, or 64GB
OS: Apple iOS 6.1
Camera: 8MP rear-facing, 1.2MP front-facing
Colours: Black or White
Connectivity: 4G LTE or HSPA+
Battery: Up to 8 hours talk time (3G) and up to 225 hours (9 days) standby time

The specifications for the BlackBerry Z10 are similar to the Q10, and both are a notch above the iPhone 5. However, we've seen with several devices that simply packing hardware into a box means nothing without the software to make use of it. Even then most users don't really care too much about benchmark tests, or processor speeds, as long as the device functions perfectly adequately and offers a good feature set.

BlackBerry devices are undergoing extensive testing and benchmarking at Macworld at the moment, and we'll be able to report in more depth shortly.

BlackBerry Hub

Stay close to what's important – keep everything that matters to you in one place. Simply peek into the BlackBerry® Hub from any app with just a swipe and flow effortlessly in and out of your messages and conversations.

BlackBerry Keyboard

The new touchscreen BlackBerry® Keyboard provides an effortless typing experience. It learns your writing style and suggests words to help you type faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort. And if you tend to mistype certain letters, the keyboard will remember and subtly adjust to make sure you hit the right key.

BBM Video with Screen Share

Switch your BBM™ chat to a BBM™ Video1 conversation and talk face-to-face with those that matter to you most. Use the new Screen Share feature to show photos, your browser, or review a business document together. You can even share the view from your camera. It’s an amazing new BBM experience for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones.

Camera with Time Shift mode

Pinpoint and adjust elements of your picture to get the photo you want. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo – so you can scroll back on the dial to open one friend’s eyes and then forward to catch your other friend smiling, before combining it all to create the perfect picture.

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