Book retailer Borders is to introduce a unique software-on-demand service at its Oxford Street shop on 4 February.

Borders has reached a deal with UK software retailer, Tribeka, to offer the SoftWide service in its shop for a trial period. SoftWide is system that’s based on consoles which offer a wide range of software titles on an on-demand basis.

Customers simply select which software package(s) they wish to buy, and the CD or DVD of that software, along with accompanying manuals and artwork, is printed on the spot. This means retailers can stock unlimited quantities of application packages without sacrificing storage or retail rack space.

Borders will be the first retailer to have such a system in store. Branded as On Demand, it will offer over 1,500 software items, including educational, business and entertainment products such as games, music and video. Software will be available for Mac and PC.

Tribeka has agreements with more than 225 leading brand name software publishers including the BBC, Dorling Kindersley, Lego, McAfee, Sage, and Britannica.

Customers at Borders in Oxford St will be able to choose items from either an online e-catalogue or from a printed version available in store

David Kohn, commercial director of Borders, said: “Borders are excited to be associated with this ground-breaking initiative.”