iPad owners will soon be able to download a Boxee app that will let them stream content from their tablet to other devices running Boxee software.

Pocket Lint reports that Boxee's VP of Marketing, Andrew Kippen, revealed that the app and an updated version of the software for the D-Link Boxee media-streaming device would be coming soon and would let you beam video from the tablet to your TV via the Boxee Box.

It doesn't use AirPlay to work, but a similar technology - Kippen describes it as "kinda like AirPlay, but not quite". It'll be compatible with the original iPad and the iPad 2 .

According to Pocket Lint, the software update - version 1.1 - for the Boxee Box will bring a browser update that will make the experience quicker and smoother for users.

The precise launch date for the software update andf the iPad app was not specified.