Earlier this month, Breaking Bad fans took Apple to court after purchasing of the Season Pass for the hit TV show's final series from iTunes only to find that half of the episodes were not included in the price. Apple has now sent out emails to Season Pass holders informing them that they'd get the final eight episodes for free.

Gigaom reports that angry customer Noam Lazebnik filed a class action suit against Apple in Califorina on behalf of himself and all others in his situation, claiming that Apple falsely advertised the Season Pass for the final season of Breaking Bad.

Apple charged customers an additional $14.99 or $22.99 for the standard or high definition final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, which were not included in the original Season Pass because the series was split into two parts. That's despite Apple's claim that a Season Pass purchased on iTunes will give viewers access to "every episode in that season."

"When a consumer buys a ticket to a football game, he does not have to leave at half time," says the claim. "When a consumer buys an opera ticket, he does not get kicked out at intermission."

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Here in the UK, reviewers of Breaking Bad are similarly annoyed, and have also expressed their annoyance about the amount of time they are forced to wait until the episodes arrive on iTunes.

On 24 September, Apple apologised for the confusion, and told customers that they'd receive an iTunes code worth $22.99 that they can spend on "The Final Season" of Breaking Bad, or anything else from the iTunes Store. There's no word yet on whether Apple is doing the same for UK customers, but we'll update this story as soon as we hear more.

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