One day after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was named Time’s 2010 Person of the Year,  his popular social networking website went offline for a short time.

The outage appears to have started around 4:15pm  EST, and according to the Mashable website, it’s likely related to some Brand page and other updates that Facebook is making to the site. Facebook was restored (at least for us) by 4:45pm, though users complained that beta features such as photo theater and memories had disappeared.

Facebook users from around the world have been buzzing about the outage on Twitter.

A Twitterer going by the handle helloxjade23 tweeted about the outage: "my life is overrrr." Maximeparis tweeted: "FACEBOOK IS DOWN ! Page blanche pour vous aussi ?."

Conspiracy theorists also wondered whether Facebook being down and WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange being released might be more than a coincidence. After all, Assange finished as a runner up to Zuckerberg in Time’s Person of the Year award.  One Twitter user wrote: "JUlian assange is released andfacebook goes down.... I'm just sayin'."

Facebook last suffered a significant outage – 2.5 hours -- in September.  That outage was blamed on a misconfiguration of a database.

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