The Encyclopaedia Britannica has launched a new free access scheme for online publishers.

The company is offering web publishers, including bloggers, webmasters and writers, complimentary access to the complete online archives of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Online authors are encouraged to use the facility to check facts, research topics in detail, for their own interest and more: they are also being offered the chance to deploy specific entries taken from the publication as informative box-outs on their website, in the form of Britannica Widgets.

Britannica Widgets let users post an entire cluster of related Encyclopaedia Britannica articles onto their blog or website. Any readers who click on a link will get the entire Britannica article on the subject, even if access to the article normally requires a subscription

It's a vetted procedure: those wishing to gain such access to the vast intellectual resource that comprises the Encyclopaedia are required to write in to make an application using a form hosted online.