Hampshire's Brockenhurst College has installed 70 Macs to serve its pro photography and media courses.

It's a significant move as the tertiary/sixth form college had no Macs at all at the beginning of the year.

John O'Connell, head of photography and media, explains: "If you're going to train people on vocational courses — to work with photography or be a graphic designer — you need them to use Macs."

An Apple report explains that the college wanted to increase its multimedia course offerings. It also observes that the college's entrenched PC-centric tech support team and some tutors had to be convinced the Mac was a good choice.

The tech support guys issued stark warnings that integrating the Macs into the existing PC-based environment would be a challenge. It wasn't. Apple Professional Services came in to help the college and teach users how the Macs worked.

Apple has published a case study on Brockenhurst's Mac move.