BT has completed a cloud-based voice network connecting 25 London 2012 venues for the Olympic games, to enable the organisers to monitor usage and control costs. The cloud voice network provided is part of BT’s role as the official communications services partner for London 2012.

The hosted service allows London 2012 organisers to use converged communications by having their IP telephony, voicemail, conferencing and unified messaging technologies on a utility-based, per-user pricing model.

The service is based on Cisco’s hosted unified communications services platform, and has successfully been used on live test events for London 2012, which have been under way since the end of May 2011.

The cloud voice system will support 16,500 handsets across all 94 London 2012 sites and will provide coverage via "follow me" numbers to support communications across the organisation.

Gerry Pennell, CIO for London 2012, said: "BT is focusing on delivering a service that is mission critical for the organising committee from now up to and including the games in 2012."

The hosted voice system gives organisers the ability to add and remove contacts and mailboxes quickly, as well as access conferencing facilities. The service will also connect all national olympic committees attending the games and provide a tool that allows organisers to see users' live usage, rather than waiting for the bills. Number extension mobility features mean that hot desk users among the organisers can log in at any phone and have their full profile and settings available.

Olympic silver medallist and former world champion Roger Black, the Team GB ambassador for the next Olympics, has said London 2012 is "a great chance" to get kids and young athletes involved in technology as they enjoy sport.