BT is launching its own automated 'spam buster' system which will locate and combat professional spammers and infected spamming computers on the BT broadband network.

Announcing its plan, BT notes that 80 per cent of emails are spam, generated by professional spammers and infected PCs, which are used as 'botnets' - forming a vast network of robot computers that send out huge quantities of spam.

BT has chosen to use Content Forensics from StreamShield Networks to apply this protection to its network. The system scans millions of emails daily, furnishing BT with detailed reports on the location and size of spam-related problems originating from the BT network. 

The company's customer security team can then take immediate action against professional spammers, which could include terminating rogue accounts and adding offending IP addresses to industry-wide blacklists.

BT hopes that the system will help it identify and eradicate spam, which will also offer it a chance to claw back some of the bandwidth wasted on transporting the unwanted email traffic.

"In a world-first, we're turning the tables on professional spammers and cutting off this scourge of the internet at source", said Stratis Scleparis, CTO at BT Retail.  "We are delighted to work with StreamShield Networks on this innovative approach which both tracks down and reduces spam messages on our network, and at the same time helps our customers overcome the threat of infection by bots."