Apple Premium Reseller, Square Group, has introduced a tree planting scheme for its Mac and iPod touch customers.

Customers buying either a Mac or a iPod touch will also receive a voucher to plant trees in India and Africa. In order to use their vouchers, customers must visit a dedicated website and enter the unique code on their voucher. Doing so will cause three trees to be planted for a Mac or one for an iPod touch.

Square Group aims to plant 10,000 trees this year, offsetting 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The project is being run in conjunction with Carbon Clear, a company that invests in projects that remove carbon dioxide from the air by replacing polluting technologies with clean ones, and planting locally-selected trees.

As part of its environmental policy, Square Group is also participating in The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) and is encouraging all customers to return computers at the end of their useful life which Square will dispose of it in the correct manner and in accordance with the directive.  

Darren King of Square Group said: “As we are all made more aware of the impact of our carbon footprint, it is vital that businesses become more environmentally friendly.  We are particularly impressed by the plant a tree scheme, because the results speak for themselves when you hear that nine trees offset 1 tonne of carbon emissions.”