If you've been shooting with a camera in Auto mode all your life, messing around with camera setting can be intimidating. What if it's set to shoot too fast, or my focus is off? There are a half dozen other ways the shot can go wrong.

Fear no more, because Canon Canada has a new virtual DSLR camera simulator that will help teach you most of the ropes about photography. Outside of Auto is a free Web app that will help you learn all about the holy trinity of digital camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO).

The Web app teaches you how aperture affects the camera's field of view, and how shutter speed can stop time in a photo. The virtual camera trainer also helps you figure out how to properly expose your images so they're not blown out or too dark.

Once you've figured everything out in the Learn Section, you can test your skills with a challenge mode that has you reproduce 6 different photo scenarios. For instance, it may ask you to set the exact aperture to get everything in focus in the shot, or to set the proper exposure.

If you want to learn even more digital camera skills, we highly suggest you take a look at our Digital Photography Superguide. Now the only thing left to do is making your photo look "good" with "smart" composition and perspective.

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