Gorilla Glass has unvieled its latest screen Gorilla Glass 3 technology at the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas.

The company provides the glass used by Apple on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Gorilla Glass is much tougher than regular glass, although dropped iPhones still often suffer serious cracking. Gorilla Glass 3 technology is expected to be included in Apple's next range of iOS products, including the iPhone 6 and iPad 5.

Gorilla Glass claims that the new glass will result in 40 per cent less glass damage, and was demonstrating its product using an metal ball, plastic tube, and glass products on the CES showfloor.

"Gorilla Glass 3 can stand three times as much force before it develops the kind of deep scratches, or trenches, that are visible to the eye, said David Velasquez, Corning's director of marketing for Gorilla Glass.

Hopefully Apple uses this, or equivilant strong glass, technology in its next generation of products.


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