Mauz Mouse for iPhone

The Mauz is a small dongle accessory that attaches to the dock connector of an iPhone and turns it into a powerful mouse.

It's certainly one of the more interesting ideas to come out of CES 2013. Although on first inspection you might think it a tad strange to turn an iPhone into a mouse, when you think how powerful the iPhone with its touch-screen display, 3D compass and accelerometers is: it suddenly starts to make sense.

The Mauz is far more than an average mouse. It can be held in the air and used to control three-dimensional visual graphics programs (all a bit Minority Report-esque).

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All the normal functions are there, clickable buttons, scroll function, and tilting the mouse turns it into a trackpad.

The project has an open SDK so developers can take advantage of its features, and with an increasing number of second-hand and unused iPhones on the market, it could be a great way to turn an old device into a powerful computer mouse.

This CES Video demonstrates how the Mauz will work:

Mauz is a Kickstarter project with 145 backers so far. Prior to CES it had just $7,621 of the $150,000 target funding. Backers are asked to pledge $45 to get a Mauz for iPhone 4/4S and the Mauz App.