Belkin introduced a swathe of iPod-compatible products at CES, including new models of its TuneBase FM and TuneCast Auto for iPhones and iPods and a new gadget - Rockstar - which lets groups of iPod users share and mix their tunes.

Equipped with ClearScan technology, TuneBase FM and TuneCast Auto are better than before at automatically finding the clearest FM frequency available. Both devices have been ratified for the iPhone, with TuneBase FM integrating a holder for its supported devices.

TuneCast Auto and TuneBase FM both include a line-out for use with car-stereo inputs or a cassette adapter; offer automatically optimised volume settings and transmit audio over the 88.1MHz–107.9MHz bands.

TuneBase FM for iPhone ($99.95) and iPod ships internationally in April 2008, while TuneCast Auto ($79.99) for iPhone and iPod ships next month. UK prices have not yet been announced.

Aimed at teenagers, Belkin's new RockStar is a hub that connects a combination of MP3 players (including iPods) and headphones. Users simply need to plug into the hub to listen to music held on their friend's playlists, users can also attach multiple iPods to mix tracks together.

The device includes five ports to attach headphones or MP3 players, one hard-wired MP3 connection. Mixing and volume settings are controlled using hosted players. The $19.99 product will ship in Europe in April 2008, the company said.