Harman Kardon today announced the Harman Kardon Drive + Play II.

The system expands on the features of the original product of the same name, offering a solution that lets drivers safely manage multiple multimedia devices from one set of in-car controls.

The product is compatible with iPods, Zunes and also includes Harman Net, an expandable port and software package for Bluetooth mobile phones and satellite radio. Drive + Play II is user upgradeable and expandable to support future devices and functions.

Drive + Play II offers a wireless control knob, 3.5in full-colour screen, and lighter adaptor hub. It also includes a hard-wire harness for those looking to conceal the hub and cables.

Drive + Play II can recognises the current song selection and play more, or less, songs in the library from that particular artist, album or genre as selected. An innovative search function enables users to select a menu category and spell out their search name using the wireless control knob. The system also features a voice prompt system, so drivers can hear what menu they are browsing.

The system can organise content stored on a digital music player to create distinct listening channels for the user, based on genre. Bluetooth support includes use of a hands free phone, and also lets users stream songs from their phone through the unit.

The system, which is set to cost $399.95, ships in the US this spring. UK details have not yet been revealed.