iLuv is hoping to 'shake up' the iPhone dock market, using CES 2012 to show off its with its new Vibro II alarm system.

As well as a more conventional speaker setup, the Vibro II has a small 'Shaker' unit that sits on your bed and vibrates when the alarm goes off, helping to ensure heavy sleepers don't doze through. iLuv told us that the product is also creating interest among hearing-impaired iPhone users, even though the product wasn't originally designed with this market in mind.

As well as having both music and vibration kick in at once, you can choose to have only the Shaker activate when the attached iPhone hits its alarm time, or only the speakers.

The Vibro II also has a TimeSync feature that automatically resets the time on the dock to match the time on the iPhone, when the two are docked together.

The model we saw was a prototype but iLuv assure us it will hit the market in the near future.

iLuv Vibro II

We also looked at iLuv's WorkStation, a follow-up to the ArtStation Pro iPad dock that features a slide-out keyboard beneath the speaker.

The iPad clips into the a bracket that can rotate to display the tablet in landscape or portrait orientation; it can also tilt back and forward.

iLuv WorkStation

The WorkStation, with the keyboard exposed. When not required it can be enclosed completely within the body of the dock